Book Title Author Price Pages Place Publication Year Publisher
1 Never Say No To Life: Biography of O.P. Ghai   M. Sivaramkrishna &  Sumita Roy 150.00 284+16pg photos New Delhi 1993 Sterling Publishers (P) Ltd.
2 One to One: Glimpses Of Indian Publishing Industry  S.K. Ghai 150.00 105 New Delhi 2008 Institute Of Book Publishing
3 Face to Face With Indian Pubishing Professionals: A Collection of Interviews S.K. Ghai 300.00 192 New Delhi 2012 Institute Of Book Publishing
4 Afro Asian Publishing: Contemporary Trends Narendra Kumar & S.K. Ghai 250.00 210 New Delhi   Institute Of Book Publishing
5 Intellectual Property:Issues In The Publishing Industry S.K. Ghai 250.00 200 New Delhi 2008 The Federation of Indian Publishers
6 Writing And Publishing Children's Books in Saarc Countries S.K. Ghai 100.00 104 New Delhi 2003 The Federation of Indian Publishers
7 Understanding Copyright Law: How to Handle Book Piracy  D.N. Malhotra &
S.K. Ghai
  80 New Delhi 2006 The Federation of Indian Publishers
8 Indian Publishing Today: Special Issue Published on The Occasion of Lahore International Fair 2005(3-7th March, 2005) S.K. Ghai &
N.K. Verma
4.00 88 New Delhi 2005 The Federation of Indian Publishers
9 An Introduction to Book Publishing D. Raghavan 75.00 332 New Delhi 1988 Institute Of Book Publishing
10 Electronic Publishing: Looking for a Blueprint Joost Kist 150.00 223 New Delhi 1989 Institute Of Book Publishing
11 Indian Publishing Since Independence: Published in Honour of O.P. Ghai on his 60th Birthday D.N. Malhotra & Naendra Kumar 50.00 182 New Delhi 1980 The Bookman's Club
12 Indian Publishing Industry:An Analytical Study With Special Reference to Publishing in Regional Languages S. Ganeshan 145.00 206 New Delhi 1992 Sterling Publishers (P) Ltd.
13 Export of Indian Books: Promotion and Marketing H.K. Kaul 125.00 143 New Delhi 1989 Institute Of Book Publishing